Getting PICO-8 to run on a Raspberry Pi

It is usually quite straightforward to get PICO-8 to run on a Raspberry Pi, but it can cause a headache at times.  Double clicking the icon from the Raspbian desktop often results in nothing happening, while running from the console can give this error:

./pico8: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

libwiringPi deals with the GPIO interface for the Raspberry Pi and PICO-8 can access this.  To solve the error, you need to install libwiringPi:

In case git-core is not in place on the Pi…
$ sudo apt-get install git-core

Make a directory to store the library and change to it..

$ mkdir libraries
$ cd libraries/

Clone the libwiringPi library..

$ git clone git://

Once the files have downloaded, move the the wiringPi directory and build the library.  Note that the ./ in front of build is really important.

$ cd wiringPi
$ ./build

After this you can navigate back to the PICO-8 directory and launch it!

Enjoy PICO-8 on your Pi!


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